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A letter from Candra Śaṃśera to H.J. Wilkinson regarding the establishment of funds for the abolition of slavery (CE 1924)

ID: HDNB_0001_0003

Edited and translated by Axel Michaels in collaboration with Manik Bajracharya
Created: 2018-09-26; Last modified: 2018-10-31
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In this letter to Hugh J. Wilkinson-Guillemard, Candra Śamśera asks him to call the currency officer not to purchase the stocks but wait for securities to be sent regarding the two intended funds.

Diplomatic edition


116th August 1924

1 My dear Mr. Wilkinson
2Thank you for your letter no 2895 dated the 16th
3August 1924. As we were not aware that stock certificates
4can be purchased direct from the Public Debt Office, I
5issued instructions for the purchase of G.P. notes at about
6the time when I wrote to you and I have information that
7the purchases are nearly completed. Under the circumstances
8I very much regret that I am unable to take advantage
9of the kind arrangement which you have so thoughtfully
10made in this instance and request you to kindly telegraph
11to the Currency officer not to purchase the stocks but wait
12for securities to be sent from here through you
13With kind regards
14Yours very sincerely
15श्री Chandra

17W. H. J. Wilkingson Esq C I. E.
18British Envoy at the court of Nepal.



In this copy of a letter, Prime Minister Candra Śamśera asks Mr. Hugh J Wilkinson-Guillemard, the first British Envoy in Nepal, not to pursue the arrangements for the investment of several lakhs of rupees for the Geat War Memorial Tri Chandra Hospital Fund and the Slave Emancipation Fund as compensation of the loss of the former slave owner, which he had offered in the mentioned previous letter to Candra Śamśera.


Hugh J. Wilkinson-Guillemard was the first British envoy in 1924-31. He wrote an article in the Asiatic Review 1934 on the relation between Nepal and the British government. Cp. the correspondence HDNB_0001_0001 to HDNB_0001_0010.