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A letter from Candra Śamśera to H.J. Wilkinson regarding the establishment of a Slavery Emancipation Trust (CE 1924)

ID: HDNB_0001_0006

Edited and translated by Axel Michaels in collaboration with Manik Bajracharya
Created: 2018-09-29; Last modified: 2018-10-31
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In this letter to Hugh J. Wilkinson, Prime Minister Candra Śamśera provides names of the trustees of the Slave Emancipation Fund and lists the different pieces of the loan.

Diplomatic edition


116th September 1924

1My dear Mr Wilkinson
2Thank you for your letter no 3234 dated the 8th
3September 1924. As advised therein I am sending by the hands
4of Mīr Suba Aastaman Singh the G.P. notes of the 5% income
5tax free loan of 1924 of the face value of Rs 1111200/- (eleven
6lakhs eleven thousand and two hundred Rupees) forming the
7Slave Emancipation Trust Fund. These are endorsed in
8favour of the Trustees viz. --
9 (1) Chandra Sham Shere Jung, Prime Minister Nepal
10(2) Bhim Shum Sher Jung, Commander-in-Chief Nepal
11(3) Joodha Shum Shere Jung, Senior Commanding Genl. Nepal
12(4) Tark Raj Raj Guru Nepal and
13(5) Bharatraj, Khajanchi Mulki Khana Nepal
14Those Trustees or their successors in office will administer
15the fund in their official capacities as mentioned against
16their respective names above and I have noted with thanks


17that you will kindly arrange for this.
18I am with kind regards
19Yours very sincerely
20श्री Chandra

21Particulars of G.P. notes being the 5 % Income Tax
22free Loan (of 1924 repayable in 1945/55)
23of the face value of Rs 1111200/-


11 piecesno N 000954/60at Rs 100000 each Rs 1100000/-
24 "" N 000962/65
31 "" J 00 6130" Rs 10000
1 "" G 049510" Rs 1000
1 "" Q 012589" Rs 200
Rs 1111200-0-0



In this copy of a letter to Hugh J. Wilkinson, the first British Envoy in Nepal, Prime Minister Candra Śamśera names the trustees of the Slave Emancipation Fund and lists the different pieces of the loan. The Trustees ex officio are the prime minister (Candra Śamśera), yhe commander-in-chief (Bhīma Śamśera ), the senior commanding general (Juddha Śamśera), the rājaguruTarka Rāja and the treasurer (khajānchi) of the Mulukī Khānā1 (Bhatara Rāja).


This document is part of the correspondence between Candra Śamṣera and Hugh J. Wilkinson-Guillemard, the first British envoy in Nepal (1924-31), regarding the establishment of an Slave Emancipation Trust Fund. See also HDNB_0001_0001 to HDNB_0001_0010.


1. The central treasury in the Rana period (Satish Kumar 1967:167). []