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A letter from Candra Śamśera to H.J. Wilkinson to Candra Śamśera regarding the establishment of a Slavery Emancipation Trust (CE 1925)

ID: HDNB_0001_0011

Edited and translated by Axel Michaels in collaboration with Manik Bajracharya
Created: 2018-09-30; Last modified: 2018-11-04
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In this letter to H.W. Wilkinson, Candra Śamśera informs of the success of the liberation of slaves due to the Slave Emancipation Trust Fund.

Diplomatic edition


127th April 1925

1My dear Mr Wilkinson
2Here with I am sending you 14 pieces if 5% Income
3Tax Free loan repayable on 1945-55 of the face value
4of Rs 1111200/- (eleven lakh eleven thousand and two
5hundred, proposed to form the slave Emancipation Trust
6Fund for the interest due thereon being paid by the British
7Legation Treasury here.
8It gives me much pleasure to tell you that
9the emancipation of slaves and abolition of slavery in
10the country has been decided upon as a result of the
11appeal which was made to that purpose and that in
12consequence the work of compensating owners and liberation
13of slaves has already begun.      Up till now about a
14thousand have been so liberated out and above the 325
15whom the owners have nobly come forward to set free
16without taking any compensation. Thus the necessity
17of maintaining the slave Emancipation Trust Fund
18has been obviated and so these securities will now be
19disposed of for the amount thereof being made available
20to go to the Fund required to buy from the owners the
21liberation of slaves. I am looking out for buyers here
22and expect that some other trust funds may be willing
23to buy them.
24I am with kind regards
25Yours very sincerely
26श्री Chandra



In this copy of a letter Prime Minister Candra Śamśera reports to Mr. Hugh J. Wilkinson-Guillemard, the first British Envoy in Nepal, on the success of the liberation of slaves due to the Slave Emancipation Trust Fund established by him. He reports that about a thousand slaves have been liberated by paying their owners and that more than 325 slaves have been freed by their owners without receiving any compensation.


This document is part of a the correspondence between Candra Śamṣera and Hugh J. Wilkinson-Guillemard, the first British envoy in Nepal (1924-31), regarding the establishment of the Slave Emancipation Trust Fund. See also HDNB_0001_0001 to HDNB_0001_0022.