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A memo from Charles Hough regarding the payment of interest on Government Provision notes bought by Candra Śamśera for the establishment of a Slavery Emancipation Trust Fund (CE 1925)

ID: HDNB_0001_0014

Edited and translated by Axel Michaels in collaboration with Manik Bajracharya
Created: 2018-10-02; Last modified: 2018-11-05
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Published by Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Pre-modern Nepal, Heidelberg, Germany, 2018. Published by the courtesy of Walter Rindfleisch, Munich. All use of the digital facsimiles requires prior written permission by the copyright holder. See Terms of Use.
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In this letter, Charles Attwood Knyvett-Hough acknowledges the payment of interest on the Government Provision notes purchased by Prime Minister Candra Śamśera for the establishment of the Slave Emancipation Trust Fund.

Diplomatic edition


1No 2046

1British Legation

2The Nepalese officer attached to the British Legation

4With reference to His Highness the Maharaja's letter of 19th
5May 1925 I return herewith the 14 Government Promissory
6notes of an aggregate value of Rs 1111200/- with the sum
7of Rs 27780 on account of interest accrued on these
8notes for the half year ending 14th April 1925.
9श्री C. Hough Hd. Clerk
10for British Envoy at the court
11of Nepal
12Please see memo 2047.



In this memo written to the Nepalese officer at the British Legation, Charles Attwood Knyvett-Hough, Head Clerk of the British Legation Nepal, returns a sum of 27,780 rupees as interest of the sum for the half year for the Government Promissory notes purchased by Prime Minister Candra Śamśera for the establishment of the Slave Emancipation Trust Fund.


This document is part of a the correspondence between Candra Śamṣera and British officers, regarding the establishment of a Slave Emancipation Trust Fund. See also HDNB_0001_0001 to HDNB_0001_0023 for related documents.