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A letter from Nagendrarāja Paṇḍita to Commander-in-Chief General Raṇa Uddīpa Siṃha re a fight between elephants (VS 1923)

ID: DNA_0002_0071

Edited and translated by Manik Bajracharya and Rajan Khatiwoda in collaboration with Axel Michaels
Created: 2016-10-03; Last modified: 2018-06-18
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Published by Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Pre-modern Nepal, Heidelberg, Germany, 2017. Published by the courtesy of the National Archives, Kathmandu. The copyright of the facsimile remains with the Nepal Rashtriya Abhilekhalaya (National Archives, Government of Nepal). All use of the digital facsimiles requires prior written permission by the copyright holder. See Terms of Use.
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The dharmādhikārin Nagendrarāja Paṇḍita writes this letter to Commander-in-Chief General Raṇa Uddīpa Siṃha stating about the fight between two young male elephants during a wedding ceremony.

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4कपत्रमिदम्­•उभयो­कुशल­च­उप्रान्त­ञाहा­दरवार­•थापाथलि­नारान्‌हिटि­¯१­¯ ¯हरू­सवैका­
6तेस्तो­गडवड­पर्यो­तपनि­हजुरका­पुन्यले­कसैलाइ­पनि­केही­भयेंछ­•वेस्‌­भयो­•वनारसमा­¯ ¯२­¯ ¯
7का­आजकाल्­¯ ¯ ¯ ३­¯ ¯ ¯ ¯हरूसंगको­मेल्‌­हुनाले­•नेपाल­जांछु­भनि­हुकुम्‌­हुदैन­•मसंग­प
8नि­उस्तो­चित्त­छैन­भंन्या­वेहोरा­¯ ¯४­¯ ¯वाट­•ञाहा­हामिलाई­लेषीवक्‌सनु­भयाको­रहेछ­
10१९२३­साल­मिति­फाल्‌गुण­वदि­१­रोज­•३­शुभ्म्­¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯




Number 1881

Six-times venerable Bābājyū2 - 4

Venerable Māhilā Sāheba - 2

Venerable Sāhilā Sāheba

Venerable Kāhilā Sāheba - 3

Venerable General - 1

Hail! This is a letter from the venerable guru, royal paṇḍita and religious judge (dharmādhikāra) Nagendrarāja Paṇḍita—preceeded with a hundredfold blessings as uttered in the four Vedas—to the venerable Commander-in-Chief General Raṇa Uddīpa Siṃha Kũvara Rāṇā Varman, the prince born of a prince, the one who has defeated his enemies with his formidable sword, [and who is] adorned with his own lotus-arm-sceptre. We both are fine.

Uprānta: Here in the palaces of Thāpathali and Narāyaṇahiṭi, the generals are all well. We heard the news that there was a great panic caused by a fight between two elephants at the wedding there. Despite such disturbance nothing happened to anybody, thanks to your glorious merit. It turned out well. -4- (i.e., venerable Bābājyū) has written to us this detail: "Since nowadays in Banaras -2- (i.e., Māhilā Sāheba) has come to terms with -3- (i.e., Sāhilā Sāheba and Kāhilā Sāheba), he no longer says that he will return to Nepal. I do not have any such intention either." It would be good if you could continue to write about your health and condition. What else [to say] to the knowledgeable one?

Tuesday, the 1st of the dark fortnight of Phālguna in the Vikrama era year 1923 (1867 CE). Auspiciousness.


The issuer of this document, Nagendrarāja, was one of the 218 members of the Kausal (Council) that prepared the [Mulukī] Ain of 1854 (MA-KM VS 2022: 3). At that time, he was not yet the dharmādhikārin. This document has been published in Bajracharya/Khatiwoda/Michaels 2015: 104-105.


1. Manuscript number added later by the National Archives of Nepal. []

2. Probably father of Nagendrarāja Paṇḍita. []