A tablet inscription at the Kvayanā Sataḥ in Chobhar memorializing its renovation by Nārāṃ Govindadāsa (VS 1996)

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Identifier: NHDP_0001_0069
Title: A tablet inscription at the Kvayanā Sataḥ in Chobhar memorializing its renovation by Nārāṃ Govindadāsa (VS 1996)
Type, original: Inscription; Original


Abstract: The inscription reports that the Kvayanā Sataḥ suffered damages during the 1934 CE earthquakes, and the members of the responsible guṭhī did not want to renovate it except for Nārāṃ Govindadāsa Bābu Rājavaṃsi, the grandson of the founder of the Sataḥ, Viṣṇudāsa. Therefore, he lodged a complaint with the government against his fellow guṭhī members. In response to this complaint, on the 4th solar day of Kārtika in 1938 CE, the government ordered the Chebhaḍela office of Lalitpur to have the guṭhī members to renovate the Sataḥ. To avoid the obligation imposed by the Chebhaḍela, they left the guṭhī. Thus, the complainant, Nārāṃ Govindadāsa Bābu Rājavaṃsi alone took care of the renovation of the Sataḥ funded from him own wealth. The renovation was completed in 1939 CE.
Issued by and to:
Donor, king:
Type of endowment:
Region of endowment:
Purpose of endowment:
Amount of endowment:


Date: VS 1996 Āṣāḍha unspecified 7 Wednesday
Further details: The day mentioned in the inscription follows the solar calendar.
Converted: 1939

Script and language

Language, script: Nepali; Devanagari

Physical appearance

Width, height, and unit: cm
No. of folios:
Material, binding, and colour: Stone ; unspecified; unspecified
Condition: Chips, Covered by substance; Minor chips at the right edge and small white stains, probably of cement, mostly on the lower part of the tablet; complete


Institution and reg. no.: Kvaynā Sataḥ, Chobhar; 85.2929011562058,27.658399884727555; unspecified
Source and details: DOI of image(s): https://doi.org/10.11588/heidicon/1264955; Photographed by NHDP as: CHO4030_I_002
Running no., exposures: 1

Project specific information

Created, modified, ID: 4/16/21, 12:00 AM; 9/6/21, 9:12 AM; 18

DANAM catalogue entry: 4f25f24e-04a3-4473-8ed7-5e2d57996d35

Type of writing support: Tablet; The inscribed tablet was leaning against the Sataḥ's plinth (2020-06-09).

Text legibility: Legible; Few akṣaras are covered by white stains.

Technical terms:

Associated secondary literature

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